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TV Advertising Media


Our advertising practice understands the challenges faced by agencies in this dynamic environment, which requires streamlining operations and business processes, meeting client demand for better insights and managing brand consistency on multiple digital assets.

We are a full-service provider for advertising agencies and we focus on Creative Asset Management, Digital Advertising Services, Direct Marketing and Reporting and Insights solutions. We collaborate with agencies on their unique creative and business needs, helping them adapt to change and generating better results for clients.

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We can advertise your brand on TV


When you plan and buy your TV advertising media with us, we can target specific audiences with your brand through regional focus and strategic channel selection.

Your marketing results can be improved and optimised across both online and conventional platforms – from ‘Call us now!’ style Direct Response Television (DRTV) to a tactically-timed breakfast cereal campaign (remember the Weetabix Challenge?) to having your brand as the sponsor for a particular show, we can transmit you across any format you desire.


Effectiveness of TV

The Payback Study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) aimed to uncover the payback of TV expenditure. Carried out over ten years on 700 brands in seven different market sectors, it found that TV delivers the highest return of any medium with £4.7 million on £1 million spent.

Why? Because TV commercials demonstrate. The old saying for effective story-telling goes … ‘show, don’t tell’, and this is what TV does so effortlessly. Imagine your brand centre stage beneath the spotlight and with all eyes and ears on its every move. You can set the scene and direct the action, deciding how best to present your brand’s story to a captive TV audience of millions. It’s visual, it’s dramatic and you can think big.


Your brand on screen

Watching traditional set-top televisions is still the preferred way for viewers to tune-in. On average we watch around 4 hours of TV per day in the UK, and the tech savvy viewers and those moving away from traditional viewing can be found watching digital and online TV.

When you advertise your brand on TV, you tap directly into the immersive and emotional viewing experience that is shared by all TV viewers. We can deliver your campaign to the right audience on the right channel and build your brand fame and loyalty on a massive scale with huge reach.



Unlike billboards or TV ads, interactions with online ads can be tracked and measured effectively. The benefits that come from digital advertising include:


Nielsen studied more than 800 digital ad campaigns over seven years. After going over their results, they determined that every dollar spent got an average of almost threefold back.



Digital advertising doesn’t just yield you high returns in itself—it increases the ROI of your advertising campaigns in other media too.

Research has shown that including online ads helps your other media perform better across the board. Billboards, for example, yielded greater ROI by a little over 50% when digital ads were a part of the same campaign.



A big concept in modern marketing is the buyer’s journey. Basically, it’s the process a consumer goes through to buy a good or service. It has three stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Tribute Media has the tools, skills, and experience to help you guide customers through each stage. We can work with you to craft advertising that speaks more directly to your audience.



It’s the hard truth—no type of advertising can match word-of-mouth recommendations. People are much more inclined to use a product or service if a friend or family member like it. Online shares and recommendations have almost as big an impact as personal ones.

And there’s the trick: When someone shares a piece of your digital advertising, you get to tap into that power. Tribute Media can help you craft advertising content that does just that.